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Packages that use Device

Uses of Device in org.wiigee.event

Constructors in org.wiigee.event with parameters of type Device
AccelerationEvent(Device source, double X, double Y, double Z, double absvalue)
          Create an AccelerationEvent with a specific source, all the three acceleration values and the calculated absolute value.
ActionStartEvent(Device source)
ActionStopEvent(Device source)
ButtonPressedEvent(Device source, int button)
          Create a WiimoteButtonPressedEvent with the Wiimote source whose Button has been pressed and the integer representation of the button.
ButtonReleasedEvent(Device source, int button)
MotionStartEvent(Device source)
MotionStopEvent(Device source)

Uses of Device in org.wiigee.filter

Constructors in org.wiigee.filter with parameters of type Device
MotionDetectFilter(Device device)
          Detects wheather the wiimote receives acceleration or not and raises an event, if the device starts or stops.